Skills for thrills – why hobbies are the new black

November 1, 2011, 3:07 pm Staci Scott girlfriendnz

Having a hobby sounds a bit nerdy. However, in theory it's a great idea. You should always focus on honing your talents and being the best possible version of yourself.

Trust us, when it comes to applying for part time jobs, scholarships, Uni halls and Uni itself, it really pays to have an edge! And since it may take a few goes to find where you true interests lie, it's important to start as soon as poss. Not only does an interest give you something fun to do outside school, shopping and Facebook, but it makes you infinitely more interesting when it comes to impressing the opposite sex!

Knitting, gardening or running for hours on end not your jam? Don't worry – we've listed our five fave hobbies below for you to test the waters with!

1. Make up/Hair skills – Sounds a bit shallow but nailing amazing hair and make up from home is a rare skill! One of our fave (and CHEAP) ways to spend a boring wet weekend is to look up one of the many make up and hair tutorials on YouTube and nail the perfect beach wave, or nude lip.

2. Sewing – Ok, ok, sounds a bit old school but if you can get your mum or your nana to run you through the basics you're looking at saving loads on cute shift dresses, simple minis and costumes. How many times have you picked up something in a shop for $65 and thought "I could make this!" (And probably in a much cooler fabric too!)

3. Cooking – It always feels awesome when you cook something for your mates, boyf or family that is a total hit. Plus, you never get caught out bringing the embarrassing pack of bikkies to a shared lunch or dinner. We recommend downloading the Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals smartphone app for some super simple, fresh and delicious recipes! (That look oh so impressive).

4. Another language – While language options always seem like a good chance to muck around at school we are always bitter we didn't stick at it! If you learn a second language you've got a much better excuse to visit France or Italy (and a much better chance of striking up a convo with a French mega babe!)

5. Aerobics/Dance –
Instead of forcing yourself into boring marathon runs or awkwardly trying complex weight machines at the gym, grab your bestie and sign up for local hip hop lessons, or dance/aerobics classes. Waaaay more fun and has the added advantage of improving your d-floor skills!

Get amongst and try some things out – spare time begins to look so much more exciting when you've got a plan or project in the pipeline – even if it just means getting home from school to perfect the low messy ponytail!